Relief / 10% CBD oil

Relief CBD oil is a unique combination of Greek olive oil and essential oils combined with an organic full-spectrum hemp paste containing no less then 1000MG CBD, this oil strengthens your body and has a calming effect on your mood.

Relief CBD oil contains:

  • Greek olive oil from Crete
    • Strengthens kidneys and liver
    • Good for heart- and bloodvessels
  • Frankinsence essential oil
    • Calming effect
    • Infection prevention
  • Sweet Orange essential oil
    • Helps your digestion
    • Anti-bacterial function
  • 1000MG CBD (10%)
    • Pain management
    • Optimize your immune system
    • Strengthens your bodily functions



Product Description

Two Lions Relief CBD oil is a unique blend of essential oils and a superior quality Greek olive oil enriched with 1000mg CBD.

Relief CBD oil contains 1000MG of CBD from highly concentrated hemp paste, sweet orange and frankinsence essential oils, besides their pleasant taste these essential oils offer a variety of beneficial effects.

By taking a daily dose of Two Lions CBD oil you strengthen your body and help it to fight off viruses and infections, CBD also helps suppress pains and give you strength throughout your day.

What makes our Relief CBD oil unique?

Olive oil from Crete

The base oil we used for our Relief CBD oil is a very smooth, tasty olive oil extracted from olives cultivated on Crete. This olive oil is regarded as some of the best in the world.

By using this high-grade culinary oil the Relief CBD oil offers not only a better taste but is also beneficial for your heart- and bloodvessels.

Frankincense Essential oil

Our Relief CBD oil is infused with frankincense oil, this fragrant essential oil has a beneficial influence on Rheumatoid Arthritis and is being researched for its potential to fight off cancer cells.

The addition of this frankincense oil helps you with your battle against pains and often has a positive effect on our mood.

Sweet Orange essential oil

This, very tasty, natural essential oil is extracted from the outer peel of oranges and offers a sweet taste as well as the beneficial properties of the D-limonen terpine.

D-limonen is a natural component mostly present in citrus fruit that offers a variety of beneficial qualities like an improved digestion and anti-bacterial effect, there is also evidence suggesting that D-limonen is effective in fighting certain cancers and shows especially effective against breast cancer.  source:

Hemp paste

The main ingredient in our Relief CBD oil is of course the full-spectrum hemp paste with the all important cannabinoids, minerals and terpines.

Our hemp paste has a very high concentration of CBD of more then then 50% CBD, by using this high concentration we need to use less of the bitter hemp paste and have a lot more control over the final taste and can add more essential oils whilst maintaining a 10% CBD content in each bottle.

Each 10ml bottle contains 10% CBD, this is equal to 1000MG.



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